Legal Aid Eviction Assistance Can Help Stop And Eviction

Eviction assistance from legal aid can help stop evictions in several ways:
    1. By providing legal representation: Legal aid attorneys can represent tenants in court and help them understand their rights under the law. They can also negotiate with landlords on behalf of tenants to reach a resolution that avoids eviction.
    2. By helping tenants apply for rental assistance: Legal aid organizations can help tenants apply for rental assistance programs, which can provide financial assistance to help them catch up on rent arrears or prevent future defaults.
    3. By educating tenants about their rights: Legal aid organizations can provide tenants with information about their rights under landlord-tenant laws, including the right to notice of eviction, the right to a hearing, and the right to remain in their home until an eviction order is issued by a court.
    4. By advocating for tenants: Legal aid organizations can advocate for tenants with landlords and other government agencies to ensure that they are treated fairly and have access to the resources they need.

In some cases, legal aid may be able to help tenants stop an eviction even after a court has issued an eviction order. For example, legal aid may be able to help tenants appeal the eviction order or file for a stay of execution, which can temporarily delay the eviction.

Here are some specific examples of how legal aid has helped tenants stop evictions:
    In one case, a legal aid attorney helped a tenant who was being evicted for nonpayment of rent negotiate a payment plan with her landlord. This allowed the tenant to stay in her home and avoid eviction.
    In another case, a legal aid organization filed a lawsuit on behalf of a tenant who was being evicted illegally. The lawsuit resulted in the tenant being able to stay in her home and the landlord being ordered to pay the tenant's legal fees.
    In a third case, a legal aid organization successfully appealed an eviction order that had been issued against a tenant. This allowed the tenant to stay in her home and avoid being evicted.

If you are facing eviction, it is important to seek legal assistance as soon as possible. Legal aid can help you understand your rights and options and can provide you with the representation you need to stay in your home. provides a list of Legal Aid Attorneys that can you help you stop your eviction. Find a legal aid office near you.

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Legal Aid Funding
Legal aid professionals and organizations oftentimes receive government funding for taking on cases with those who cannot afford attorneys. For the most part, funding is limited so legal aid entities can only take on a limited amount of cases. Qualifications are often rigid.