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218 North Kimberly Ave. Suite 101
Somerset, PA - 15501
Phone Number: (814) 443-4615
Fax Number: (814) 444-0331

Since its formation in 1968, Southwestern Pennsylvania Legal Services, Inc. (SPLAS) has been the primary provider of legal assistance and representation for the areas low-income citizens. SPLAS has served the residents of Washington, Greene, Fayette and Somerset counties for over forty years. Our mission is to ensure that no individual or family in our community is deprived of access to professional legal assistance solely because of an inability to pay. We help our clients with a wide variety of civil legal problems, especially those of an emergency nature. We also work with our clients to improve their ability to be self-sufficient through obtaining and/or enforcing their right to necessary economic, employment, housing, medical and other public resources.

Mission Statement: Improving and stabilizing families, housing, and economic security for low-income and other vulnerable southwestern Pennsylvania residents with legal advice and representation.

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2020-11-05 15:19:47

have a debt relief co. working on our creditors for 16 months now. had 8 total n 6 are being paid into. need more money in before can do 2 yet. the one discover turned theirs into a now hearing nov 23rd. called the debt relief n they said they will send me a letter to take to the i need an attorney too? we're on ss n dont have money to afford one. what are the requirements for a free one? do i really need one? i just dont know what to do. the hearing will be at magistrates..thank you...

2021-02-16 13:30:16

I’m seeking a divorce from someone who has been in prison since 2016 and I’d like to file on grounds of desertion. Could you please help me on this matter?

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