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Clallam-Jefferson County Pro Bono Lawyers provides legal assistance to low income residents of Clallam and Jefferson County. Our mission is to help provide equal access to justice to those who are unable to afford legal counsel. We are able to pursue our mission through the generous support of our volunteer attorneys. 

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Mission Statement: Sea Mar Community Health Centers is a community-based organization committed to providing quality, comprehensive health, human, housing, educational and cultural services to diverse communities, specializing in service to Latinos.

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parenting plan
Tuesday, July 5, 2022

parenting plan

Court arraignment for harassment charges.
Thursday, December 9, 2021

Court arraignment for harassment charges.


2020-07-10 11:22:40

We are writing to you today in desperation, hopefully you will be able to help. We live in a community on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, (Port Ludlow.) The median age of our residents are 66 years of age. Most are on a tight budget, and cannot afford individual counsel. We are hoping you could give our situation a cursory review and perhaps give us some direction or advice. The problem is that the HomeOwners Association is making such significant changes to the community through the Regulations allowing them to circumvent public input required for changes to CC&Rs and Bylaws. Many of us moved to this modest feeling community because of their protections. We feel that our Board of Trustees were elected to represent our concerns and needs they are ignoring, overriding and at times actually working against us. There will never be a chance for recovery. Our current regulations actually state: “Stories. In general, all houses should be single story except on sloping sites that lend themselves to two stories or daylight basements. 2. Compatibility. All houses and structures shall be as compatible as possible with their natural surroundings and with each other. 3. Height. No part of a proposed structure shall be so high that it unreasonably interferes with the view from other dwellings. The ACC is authorized to limit the maximum height of proposed structures whether or not views will be affected.”[1] Despite especially strong objections from the community these were completely overridden to allow for a new construction (see picture of property with story poles showing the height of proposed construction) This new home will actually be higher than the one on the street above it to allow it a view. The existing homes view will be significantly blocked. New regulations, posted today seem to circumvent the spirit if not the letter of the law. “8.2 General Design Standards. Pursuant to the Port Ludlow Declaration Nos. 1-7, the ACC shall evaluate projects include such considerations as whether the project minimizes interference with enjoyment of nearby Lots and whether it improves the use and occupancy of Lots in a pleasing, but not necessarily uniform combination of permanent residences and recreational homes. The proposed project must be compatible with the architectural characteristics of the applicant’s house and houses within the particular plat or subdivision in terms of architectural style, size, use of materials, colors and construction details and shall otherwise conform to the specific Design Standards in this Article. 8.3 Height. No building structure or other improvement on any Lot shall exceed 35 feet (35’) in height.”[2] We are hoping you have suggestions to help us find our voice. In addition to the housing views, we are also facing fines for violations. Many fines are not yet defined. We are concerned about retribution and would appreciate keeping our individual names confidential. Please provide any assistance you can. We have limited time before the board approves the new regulations. Implementation is set to start on 01AUG2020. We would really appreciate any advice you have, Respectfully Members of the Port Ludlow Community

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