Legal Aid Programs

We provide a nationwide list of legal aid offices. Legal aid offices are non profit agencies that provide free legal help to people who cannot afford to hire lawyers. Most legal aid offices only help people with very low incomes, but some legal aid offices are more flexible with income rules.


  • Domestic Violence

    Legal aid programs can help people in domestic situations obtain protective orders, child custody orders and divorces.

  • Family Law

    Legal aid programs can you people with child custody and/or divorce cases. As with any other program you must qualify for assistance.

  • Housing

    Legal aid can help you with apartment or rental home evictions or home foreclosures.

  • Public Assistance

    Legal aid can help people who have problems with welfare, Medicaid, Snap Food Stamps, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), or Social Security public assistance programs.

Getting The Help You Need

Many legal aid offices assist with a variety of legal issues. They are not all inclusive. Please read the full details on this website prior to calling the office.

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