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Have you ever used this office for anything? What did you think?

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What legal problem are looking for help on?


2021-01-10 07:23:15

I have a civil case that I never even knew about that went to court for an accident that I was in in 2016. My car was totaled and I became disabled from it. I was just deemed permanently disabled in June of 2020. I have applied for SSI benefits and have an attorney. Anyway about 2 months ago I received a notice from the DMV suspending my license because this insurance company (progressive) went to court after NEVER giving me a notice about a hearing or trial and was able to obtain a judgment of 10,000 against me. They never found me and never served me so imagine my surprise and stress when I did find out. I found out last week through the San Diego Superior Court civil office, which is in downtown San Diego. That is where the judgement was made. Do I have to use a SD attorney or can I use someone from LA county, where I now live (in Whittier). This is going to ruin my life-my children live in SD county and I want to be able to visit them-and I also have a job as a tutor where I make about $400 per month so I cannot make ANY payments toward a judgment-I am also in college full time and still live with my parents BECAUSE I only make that much. I have child support payments that take half of my check every month which is why I make $400. I am only working to make those payments and I am currently in court trying to have them lowered or diminished forever. How can they do that to me knowing that they never served me? I would like to go to court to get this taken care of. By the way-I did not have insurance when I was driving at that time-I had let it lapse about 4 months prior to that time because I was not working. Anyway I was in a coma for 5 days and broke almost every bone below my chest plate-my shoulder, my chest plate, 5 ribs, my hip bone, my knee, and several bones in my back. I have had operations on my neck which did not work, and I am currently in pain all of the time-especially my back. There is not one hour that goes by that I do not feel pain-It is unbearable. The guy that hit me was 17 and he is claiming 10K in damages to his body? His car was barely touched-give me a break. I will not be paying them because I have no money and I have a very limited job BECAUSE I am handicapped. Please let me know if you can help me-I cannot pay and I am happy to fill out legal forms. I have another issue that I would like resolved also but I would like to talk about that on the phone. thank you in advance. Lisa

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