Find Legal Aid in Des Moines, IA: Free Legal Help for Low-Income Residents provides a comprehensive list of all legal aid offices in Des Moines, Iowa, including their contact information, addresses, and the types of legal services they offer.

Our listings include such as type of law (Domestic violence, family law, housing rental evictions or home foreclosures, public assistance such as medicaid, food stamps, SSI Disability, SSDI benefits, public housing evictions, disability beneifts, etc.).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is legal aid?
Legal aid is free or low-cost legal assistance for people who cannot afford to hire a private lawyer. Legal aid organizations can help people with a wide range of legal problems, including family law, criminal law, civil law, and immigration law.

Who is eligible for legal aid?
Eligibility for legal aid varies depending on the specific legal aid organization and the type of legal problem. However, most legal aid organizations have income guidelines that must be met. Some legal aid organizations also have other eligibility requirements, such as residency requirements or citizenship requirements.

How much does legal aid cost?
Legal aid services are free or low-cost. The amount you pay will depend on your income and the type of legal services you receive.

How do I apply for legal aid?
To apply for legal aid, you will need to contact a legal aid organization and complete an application form. The application form will ask you for information about your income, assets, and the legal problem you are facing.

How long does it take to get legal aid?
The amount of time it takes to get legal aid varies depending on the legal aid organization and the type of legal problem you have. However, most legal aid organizations will try to process applications as quickly as possible.

Choose from the list below to find a legal aid office that can help you.

  • Disability Rights IOWA Email Website Learn more 400 E. Court Avenue
    Des Moines, IA - 50309
    (515) 278-2502
    Disability Rights IOWA aims to defend and promote the human and legal rights of Iowans who have disabilities and mental illness. We promote safety, opportunity, access, and self-determination for all Iowans. Disability Rights IOWA helps people with disabilities and mental illness deal with discrimination. Help is provided in several ways depending on the priorities set by Disability Rights Iowa's Board of Directors. Problems Iowa P&A deals with may include abuse, neglect, education, employment, housing, or denial of services. To request assistance/services from Disability Rights IOWA...See Full Details
  • Iowa Legal Aid - Central Iowa Regional Office Email Website Learn more 1111 9th Street
    Des Moines, IA - 50314
    (800) 532-1275
    Iowa Legal Aid is a nonprofit organization providing critical legal assistance to low-income and vulnerable Iowans who have nowhere else to turn. Along with volunteer lawyers throughout the state, Iowa Legal Aid helps the legal system work for those who cannot afford help with legal issues. Iowa Legal Aid envisions a state where low-income people have access to services and resources to meet their basic needs and where all residents can vindicate their legal rights and be treated fairly throughout the civil justice system. Hours for telephone intake are Monday-Friday from 9 to 11 am or from...See Full Details
  • Drake University - Neal & Bea Smith Legal Clinics Email Website Learn more 2400 University Ave.
    Des Moines, IA - 50311
    (515) 271-3851
    Through the Neal & Bea Smith Legal Clinic, students have the chance to gain practical experience by working with actual clients. The clinic also serves the community by helping those who might not otherwise have access to legal assistance. In the Children's Rights Clinic, students represent abused or neglected children as their guardian-ad litem and attorney in Child In Need of Assistance proceedings as well as juveniles in delinquency proceedings. Students gather facts, draft legal documents, advocate for their clients, and participate in court hearings in addition to attending weekly clas...See Full Details

Tips for Getting Free Legal Aid

Contact the legal aid offices from the list above.

1. Apply for government programs.
There are a number of government programs that provide legal assistance to low-income individuals and families.

2. Check with local law schools.
Many law schools have legal clinics that offer free or low-cost legal services to the public.

3. Ask for pro bono help.
Pro bono is Latin for "for the good of the public." Pro bono lawyers are lawyers who volunteer their time to provide free legal services to low-income individuals and families. To find a pro bono lawyer, you can contact a legal aid organization or the State of Iowa Bar.

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Important Information

Legal Aid Funding
Legal aid professionals and organizations oftentimes receive government funding for taking on cases with those who cannot afford attorneys. For the most part, funding is limited so legal aid entities can only take on a limited amount of cases. Qualifications are often rigid.