Pennsylvania Institutional Law Project - Eastern Office

718 Arch Street S
Philadelphia, PA - 19106
Phone Number: (215) 925-2966

The Pennsylvania Institutional Law Project provides assistance to incarcerated or institutionalized low-income people whose constitutional rights have been violated within the institution. To be eligible for our services, you must be in prison (state and federal), jail, state hospital (due to mental illness), or state center (due to mental retardation). Send all inquiries and requests by mail. Due to a large volume of requests for legal assistance, PA Institutional Law Project has a staff person who responds to every inquiry. An assessment of legal merit is made and if appropriate information and referrals are provided.

Mission Statement: The Pennsylvania Institutional Law Project's (PILP) mission is to ensure equal access to justice for the shocking number of indigent incarcerated and institutionalized people within our commonwealth whose constitutional and other rights are being violated. We recognize the formidable number of barriers to resources and specialized knowledge that institutional legal issues require. Our organization was created for the purpose of contributing this access and unique expertise. PILP provides civil legal assistance free of charge and is committed to ensuring that the most marginalized members of our community behind bars are afforded their constitutionally protected rights.

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